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Knorr Cheese Spaetzle (Käsespätzle)

NZD 7.99 Weight: 146 g
Brand: KnorrKnorr



Make a feast in a few minutes with this hearty meal on the table! Traditional hearty spaetzle noodles with cheese and onions ('Käsespätzle') Bon Appetit! 146g. Makes 2 portions.


It's so easy in a pan: 1) Add 500ml cold water in a pan. Stir in the contents of the bag and bring to a boil while stirring. 2) Cook over medium heat, without a lid for about 12 minutes, until the desired smoothness is achieved. Stir occasionally.


It's so easy in a microwave oven: 1) Mix the contents and 500ml of warm water in a large microwaveable bowl. 2) Heat in the microwave oven without the lid at 750 watts for 7 minutes. 3) Stir well and cook for another 7 minutes in the microwave oven.


Ingredients: 78% noodles (durum wheat semolina, eggs, salt), 6% dried Swiss cheese (cheese, whey product, salt), vegetable fat, maltodextrin, onion, iodized salt, flavoring, sugar, yeast extract, salt, lactose, milk protein, garlic, starch, turmeric, color (bell pepper extract). 

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